Dear Family and Friends Who Are As Close as Family,
As of October 15th, 2007, I am officially on the list to be eligible for a kidney donor.  As many of you know, I have been plagued with a congenital kidney condition called "Polycystic Kidney Disease." I have had one kidney transplant already, and after 12 years, that kidney has failed. I have been on a physically and mentally grueling regimen of kidney dialysis every 48 hours (with weekends off) since January of 2006, or for 18 months. I am a relatively young man mentally, emotionally and in spirit at 67 years of age. I have my dear wife Teresa and my 17-year-old daughter, Amanda, to care for, and they continue to need and rely upon me. My quality of life at this time is diminishing rapidly. Dialysis has become a greater burden every time I receive it. I believe I have a great deal left to do in my life, if I am granted the ability again to be physically able.  
If anyone receiving this email would be willing to give me one of their kidneys, I would be eternally grateful. There is a process to this, which requires a pre-screening to see if the person donating the kidney is a "match." If you are willing and able to be screened to donate a kidney to me, please call Rush University Hospital's Transplant Center at (312) 942-3623 and ask for Paul DeMayo. He is familiar with my case and what we're trying to accomplish. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems or cancer, you would not qualify to be a donor.
Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you are willing to give me your kidney. Thank you for reading.
God bless,
Jan C. Gabriel