For Immediate Release - December 30, 2001

Jan Gabriel Holds Back Key Details
In Chicago Tribune Article

Summary: As the Chicago Tribune recaps Jan Gabriel’s astounding career, Gabriel forges ahead with new racing association, a new TV program and an autobiography.

Lombard, ILOver one million Chicagoans and a few million web surfers read the enclosed Chicago Tribune article December 20th highlighting the professional career of Jan Gabriel. The story reveals the man who put hard in hard-sell commercials, and created the signature phrase-- “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!”--the phrase that is copied by ad agencies, mocked by Jay Leno and even imitated by the “Today Show’s” weather personality, Al Roker every Friday morning.

And now for the rest of the story:
You won’t find this in the Chicago Tribune article, but Jan Gabriel has asked that, as his publicist, I provide you with the following information. Consider yourself one of the few people privy to Jan Gabriel’s current projects.

  • Gabriel has created a new racing association, over which he presides, with announcements to be forthcoming shortly. Watch for them!
  • Jan Gabriel’s production company, TV-One, Inc., producers of the award-winning, 14-year, nationally-syndicated television series, “The Super Chargers,” is once again developing a new major production for national television distribution. This program promises to conquer the demographics currently beholden to the “Battle Bots,” “Robot Wars,” and “WWF” audiences, so stay tuned.
  • In addition to his current advertising client load, he’s fast and furious with new chapters to his uniquely outrageous autobiography, entitled “Life is Just Another Hamburger.” Gabriel is still taking just one day a week for rest: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

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